JCESD Board of Directors Application

Jefferson County ESD consists of seven voter-elected members of the Jefferson County community, serving four districts and is a volunteer position. They will typically meet (remote or in-person) one evening per month (first Wednesday of each month, unless noted...

Seeking Advisory Board Member

The Jefferson County ESD Board is seeking to appoint a Board Advisory Member.  This position is open until filled.  This nonvoting position serves to assist the Board with analyzing issues, proposals, and requests related to the mission of JCESD. This position can...

Summer Office Hours:  

Wednesdays, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

District 8


Black Butte
District 41


District 4


District 509J


Our Mission

The mission of the Jefferson County Education Service District is to provide support services to component school districts in order to improve their abilities to meet the educational needs of 3,600+ students.  Our focus is on those services which can be most efficiently provided on a regional, cooperative basis rather than through the efforts of individual school districts.

Our Services

  • Improve student learning
  • Programs for children with special needs
  • Technology Support
  • School Improvement Services
  • Enhance the quality of instruction provided to students
  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Assist component school districts in meeting the requirements of state and federal law
  • Maximize operational and fiscal efficiencies for component school districts
  • Provide professional development to component school district employees
  • Enable component school districts and the students who attend schools in those districts to have equitable access to resources
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