Home School Services

The Jefferson County Education Service District office registers and provides support for home schooled students and their parents who reside our service area. Services include general consultation and information about home schooling, monitoring of overall compliance with home school notification and testing requirements and maintenance of student records. 

Specific details and rules regarding legal guidelines for home schooling are available at our office or you may also access home school information from the Department of Education’s website at:




In order to comply with the compulsory school attendance law the Jefferson County ESD must be notified of your intent to home school within 10 days of beginning to home school, withdrawing your child from public or private school or moving to a new ESD region. The JCESD will acknowledge receipt of your notification in writing. Until the JCESD receives notification from you of a change in placement, your child will continue to be registered in our office as home schooled.



An approved test must be administered by a qualified, neutral test administrator. A list of qualified testers and a list of tests approved by the State Board of Education can be obtained from our office or through the Oregon Department of Education. Children involved in home schooling must be tested before the end of grades 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th. For new home school students, the first examination must be taken at least 18 months after the date on which the child was withdrawn from public school. Students participating in interscholastic activities need to be tested annually at the end of each school year.



Parents/guardians are responsible for the acquisition and cost of materials and curriculum. A list of associations and support groups can be obtained through the ESD Office.

Special Education


For children with disabilities satisfactory educational progress is determined according to recommendations of the IEP. Parents of identified children will be contacted and offered access to special education and related services
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