The mission of the Jefferson County Education Service District is to provide support services to constituent school districts in order to improve their abilities to meet the educational need of students.  The District will focus on those services which can be most efficiently provided on a regional, cooperative basis rather than through the efforts of individual school districts.

Core Areas

·      Programs for Children with Special Needs

·      Technology Support

·      School Improvement Services

·      Administrative and Support Services

Targeted Efforts within Each Core Area

·      Assist component school districts in meeting the requirements of state and federal law

·      Improve student learning

·      Enhance the quality of instruction provided to students

·      Provide professional development to component school district employees

·      Enable component school districts and the students who attend schools in those districts to have equitable access to resources and

·      Maximize operational and fiscal efficiencies for component school districts


Children with Special Needs

Jefferson County Education Service District (JCESD) in conjunction with their component school districts provides a comprehensive continuum of quality services for students having, or at risk of having, special needs.  Specialized student services include:  Psychological / Behavioral Services, Speech – Language and Audiology Services, Administrative / Support Service, Behavioral programs, and Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education Evaluations.

Core Services:

Special Education Psychological/Behavioral Services:

            The continuum of services includes:

·      Conducting psycho-educational assessments and academic assessments

·      Providing consultation services

·      Participating in Student Support Teams

·      Participating in CORE team meetings

·      Providing professional development opportunities for parents, teachers and administrators

·      Conducting functional behavioral assessments

·      Developing behavior intervention plans

Goals:  Assist local school districts in complying with federal mandates to locate, identify and serve children with disabilities. Assist local school districts with educational programming for students who exhibit academic, behavioral, physical, social/emotional issues. 


Special Education Speech-Language-Audiology Services:

The continuum of services includes:

·      Conducting speech and language screenings

·      Providing hearing screenings and assessment of communication disorders

·      Providing consultation services for school and district staff

·      Participating in Student Support Teams

·      Participating in CORE team meetings

·      Developing and implementing individual education plans

·      Serving as case managers for individual students

·      Providing professional development activities

·      Conducting swallowing and feeding evaluations

Goals: Assist local school districts in complying with federal mandates to locate, identify and serve children with disabilities. Assist local school districts by providing direct intervention services for students who exhibit speech/language needs.           


Special Education Administrative/Support Services:

JCESD services provided include:

·      Special Education Psychological and Behavioral Services

·      Special Education Speech-Language-Audiology Services

·      Systems Performance Review and Improvement

·      Special Education Child Count Census

·      Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) grant funds

·      Records management and monthly provider caseload lists

·      submit required state surveys and reports for districts

·       conduct professional development activities

·       provide technical assistance to districts regarding federal and state regulations;

·       monitor special education services to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations

·       develop technical assistance manuals regarding special education regulations

Goals: Assist local school districts by providing direction in the development and implementation of effective special education programs.


Special Education Behavioral Programs:

Due to reductions in the State School Fund, component districts are responsible for providing behavioral programs that emphasize a positive, proactive approach in the intervention and remediation of emotional, social, and behavioral issues.  The JCESD will provide leadership assistance and recommendations as requested by component districts.

Goal: Assist local school districts by providing leadership recommendations on educationally appropriate services for students with significant social/emotional/behavioral challenges.


Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education Evaluations:

The eligibility evaluations are completed by JCESD specialists and include:

·      Administration of assessments

·      Scoring assessments

·      Interpretation of assessments

·      Conducting observations

·      Providing written documentation of evaluations

Goals: Assist local school districts in complying with federal mandates to locate, identify and serve children (birth to five years) who are suspected of having disabilities. (OAR 581-015-0942).  Assist local school districts with educational programming for students who exhibit academic, behavioral, physical, social/emotional issues. 


Special Education Web-Based Individual Education Plan Software:

JCESD provides at cost to local school districts a web-based individual education plan software program.  The JCESD provides consultation and training to all local school district services providers.

Goals: Provide local school districts with a web-based Individual Education Plan software program to assist local school districts with federal and state documentation requirements. 


Technology Support

The Information Technology (IT) Team provides comprehensive support services to the JCESD component school districts. These services include:  Desktop Support, Interactive Technologies Support, Email, E-rate, Information Systems Support, Internet Filtering, Procurement Services, Server Support, Technology Planning, Telecommunication Support, Video Conferencing, Video Library, Streaming, Video Security, Web Design and Development, Wide Area Networking, and Local Area Networking Support.

Core Services:

Desktop Support:

IT provides desktop support for all component districts in JCESD.  Staffs from member districts are able to directly utilize a web-based work request system for this service at no cost to the district.  Desktop support consists of providing on-site computer setup, software installation, troubleshooting, hardware installation, and various technical support services.  IT staff may utilize off site remote access to address IT service request.  JCESD will also support desktop virus protection for all computers.

Interactive Technologies Support:

The Information Technology group provides assistance with purchasing, installation, training, and support for a variety of interactive technologies.  These devices include SMARTBoards, document cameras, student response systems, and a number of other presentation and personal learning devices.


The IT Team creates and manages all email for staff in each of the component districts.  JCESD IT will provide global address lists, district wide lists and groups as requested within each district.  In addition, JCESD IT will also provide automatic subscribe capable lists for districts, groups and/or schools that request such a list.  These lists will include entities not necessarily within the member district such as collaborative educational organizations and community groups. 


E-rate is a federal program to receive reimbursement and/or discounts for money spent on telecommunications and Internet access.  In addition, districts meeting high funding levels are eligible for internal support for network infrastructure and operations based upon two out of five year eligibility.  Internal E-rate eligible devices may include switches, routers, servers, wireless devices, etc.  IT will provide assistance to member districts in filling out numerous forms, meeting deadlines, and ensuring compliance with the complex program requirements and audits.

Information Systems Support:

JCESD IT Team provides implementation, management and support for information systems.  These systems may include, but are not limited to:  financial information, student information, student records, human resource, substitute, phone calling, library, video library, educational, and academic systems.  Information/data systems may include support for Application Service Provider (ASP) and locally hosted systems.

Internet Filtering:

JCESD will provide Internet Filtering to all component districts that either request filtering or receive Internet Access from JCESD.

Procurement Services:

IT will provide quotes and/or purchase orders to component districts that comply with state purchasing regulations and represent lowest prices.  IT may create or assist in the RFP or bidding process.

Server Support:

The JCESD Network Administrator provides server implementation, design, management and support of approximately 30 servers within the component school districts.  In addition, the Network Administrator manages active directories, network schema, network security on Microsoft servers and directory shares.  The Network Administrator also support academic server based applications like Read 180, Accelerated Reader, etc.  In addition, the Network Administrator is responsible for all backups of critical data for information systems and file servers.

Technology Planning:

JCESD IT Team leader will assist in developing technology plans for component district that addresses the needs of the individual district, state IT goals, E-rate requirements and Ed Tech funding criteria.  Technology plans will incorporate the vision of individual district needs into JCESD plans.  The team leader will ensure all guidelines are met complying with the state timelines.

Telecommunications Services:

Information Technology will provide telecommunications services to member districts using systems that are not POTs (Plain Old Telephone lines.)  This will include a Cisco VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system and a legacy Toshiba system that are currently in three districts.

Video Conferencing:

Point to point video conferencing and other types allowed by non-bridging systems will be provided by JCESD IT Team. 

Video Library/Streaming:

JCESD IT Team maintains and operates the video library with titles available to all constituent districts.

Video Security:

JCESD will work with districts to design, implement and support video security as requested by component districts.  Systems may include IP video, DVR and bus video security.

Web Design and Development:

The JCESD Information Technology group will provide support for implementation and maintenance of web sites for member districts.   Website availability will be provided by JCESD while content and ongoing updates will be the responsibility of individual districts.  

Wide Area Networking and Local Area Networking support:

IT provides all support for Wide Area Networking (WAN) and Local Area Networking (LAN) within JCESD component districts.  Networking support includes design, installation, configuration, utilization monitoring, troubleshooting and repairs of all LAN/WAN components.  Components include hardware like routers, firewalls, wireless access points, GBICs, repeaters, media converters, switches hubs, and bridges.  In addition, LAN/WAN support include enterprise virus protection, spam appliance and other protective applications.  Network architecture includes configuration of DNS and DHCP servers for LAN to work in the WAN. 

Overall Goals:

Provide leadership and consultation in the area of technology support.  


School Improvement

Core Services:

Professional Development:  

Professional development is focused on administrators, district leaders and teacher leaders and includes the following:

·      Common Core State Standards

·      Identifying priority standards

·      Unwrapping the standards

·      Development of the Big Ideas and Essential Questions

·      Establishing Common Formative Assessments

·      Creating a Data Culture

·      Using Data to Improve Student Learning in Districts and Schools

·      Using Data to Improve Student Learning in Classrooms

·      Student Engagement Strategies

·      Secondary Literacy Strategies


Supplemental Educational Services:

Jefferson County Education Service District (JCESD) provides supplemental education services for students in schools in improvement status.

Continuous Improvement Plan:

Jefferson County Education Service District (JCESD) assists districts with the process of development of the continuous improvement plan.

Grant Writing:

Jefferson County Education Service District (JCESD) offers assistance in the program designing, planning, and writing of grant opportunities for districts.

Overall Goals:

Provide leadership, support and consultation in the area of school improvement, instruction and assessment with the goal of improving achievement and learning for all students.  Without a clear instructional focus that aligns instruction K-12 as well as the means to assess and make instructional and resource adjustments to student needs, research is clear that increasing student achievement is virtually impossible.  JCESD in conjunction and consultation with component school districts provides ongoing training and access to professional development for the educators in our districts.



Core Services:

Administrative Services

The Jefferson County Education Service District can provide administrative and support services as requested.  The JCESD provides direct administrative and support services to include:

1.     Superintendent/Administrative Services: 

·      Superintendent Oversight

·      Board of Directors Support

·      Systems Design

·      Policy and Procedure Update and Consultation

·      Curriculum Support and Service

·      Staff Evaluations

·      School Financial Consultation

·      Staff and Student Discipline Issues

·      Curriculum improvement, school finance, and staff evaluation       

2.     Business Office Services:

·      Secretary to the Board of Directors

·      Financial Evaluation and Recommendation

·      Financial Oversight and Internal Control Monitoring

·      Human Resources Support

·      Phone and On-Site Consultation

Overall Goals:

Provide leadership, support and consultation in the area leadership and administrative support to assist component district in their academic and district goals.


Additional Services

Leadership Team Support:

The Leadership Team consists of the superintendents or designees for Ashwood, Black Butte, Culver and Jefferson County School Districts, the director for special programs, the technology director and the deputy clerk.   Meetings are generally held as needed where collaborative planning and ongoing dialogue occur. 

Professional Development:

Jefferson County Education Service District in conjunction with their component school districts provides a comprehensive array of professional development opportunities. 

Home School Registration:

The district is responsible for accepting notification from parents/guardians who intend to educate their child(ren) at home, and the educational progress of these students will be monitored through review of test results administered by approved examiners. 

Spanish Translation:

Jefferson County Education Service District (JCESD) offers Spanish translation services for families and component school districts.

Student Threat Assessment Team (STAT):

Jefferson County Education Service District (JCESD) participates in multi-agency student threat assessment team meeting process.  JCESD also provides consultation services to administrators and staff. 

Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI):

Jefferson County Education Service District (JCESD) provides state mandated training in crisis prevention intervention. 

G.E.D. Program:

The Board believes that providing testing is a valid service to the community and adults who desire to qualify for a GED certificate.  Testing is offered two times per month.